Bionik Announces Closing of Acquisition of Interactive Motion Technologies, Inc.
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About Us

Bionik is the global pioneer and leader in providing effective robotic tools for neurorehabilitation professionals. Developed at the Newman Laboratory for Biomechanics and Human Rehabilitation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), InMotion Robots are the most thoroughly researched technology available in the rehabilitation industry.

InMotion robotic therapy augments each patient’s remarkable capability to learn, reacquire and improve motor skills using the brain’s own inherent neuroplasticity. InMotion robots’ patented[i] Assist as Needed™ technology and evidence-based treatment protocols ensures patients are continously engaged and able to perform over 1000 movements per interactive therapy session.

By applying the latest research in neuroscience, neurorehabilitation and biomedical engineering, IMT is redefining recovery for neurorehabilitation professionals, patients and their families.

Our mission is to improve function and quality of life to the broadest possible range of neurologic patients.

i US Pat 5,466,213.


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